MYDINPAY – Face verification – FAQ

1. What is the purpose of face verification?

Answer: MYDINPAY, is an innovative e-wallet app, the purpose of face verification in e-wallet is to enhance security and ensure the identity of the user. This adds an additional layer of authentication to prevent unauthorized individuals to access the e-wallet and conduct fraudulent activities.

2. Where and how do we locate the face verification feature?

Answer: The face verification feature is used during user registration, as part of the eKYC account verification process.

3. What face data does your app collect?

Answer. The app exclusively gathers facial data through the user’s selfie video, utilizing it for the verification process to ensure the legitimacy of the registered individual.

4. How do you use the collected face data?Provide a complete and clear explanation of all planned uses of this data.

Answer: The app records a face verification of the user to confirm that the authorized individual matches the person in their identity card uploaded during user registration. The collected facial data serves as part of the matching verification process with the submitted identity card.

5. Will the data be shared with any third parties? Where will this information be stored?

Answer: No, face data will not be shared with any third parties. Information will be stored in a private data center for verification process and Bank Negara audit.

6. How long will face data be retained?

Answer: Facial data is retained in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) as mandated by Bank Negara Malaysia during the establishment and maintenance of the user relationship. As part of the eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) process, users must verify their identity through the application, which necessitates the storage of their facial data. This data is kept in the system for ongoing verification and to facilitate audits of registered individuals. If users choose to delete or remove their e-wallet account, all user information, including name, address, phone number, and facial data, will be permanently removed from the system. Additionally, if the e-wallet account remains dormant, or inactive, or if you have not conducted
any transactions through the e-wallet for 12 months the e-wallet account it will be suspended. To reactivate your account, you must contact us and applicable fees will apply for the inactive period.

If the account is inactive and dormant for 6 years all user information will be automatically removed from our system. Users can also delete their e-wallet account at any time, which will permanently remove all associated information.