MYDIN is taking our arms in a profound effort on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through our cashierless initiative. As part of this initiative to promote the social well-being of the community who shop with us. Beginning with MYDIN USJ (Selangor), we deliberately consider making presence to the cashier-less payment counter at our store to provide a more convenient and hassle-free checkout experience for shoppers, contributing to their mental wellness and efficiency.

By having a self-checkout counter, time consumption upon queuing to checkout can be reduced, providing a hassle-free environment that assures safety on the line when shoppers can instantly pay at the counter.

Meanwhile, observing this digitalised experience, we have never neglected our concern towards humanising business by having human engagement, as our friendly and helpful staff are always at hand accommodating shoppers to blend with the process of using our self-checkout counter to accommodate them understanding processes upon checkout.

Aside from that, the value accomplished from this effort is not just to offer the joy of shopping experience to valued customers, MYDIN as well benefitted from this initiative to improve inventory management through more efficient record keeping. Thus, this also allows us to give shoppers an exceptional customer experience by improving our customer service.

MYDIN is strategically overseeing on expanding this attempt to our branches enlarging the initiative to cater shoppers at other outlets with hope that this cashierless checkout experience contributes to a better social well-being for people when they shop with us as well provides mutual benefits to the company on better governance of our inventory management and cashiering flows through this initiative for a better world addressing future challenges.